Hobbies for Women in their 30’s

Hobbies for Women in their 30's

So you want to find new hobbies for women in their 30’s? Preferably ones without too much initial spending upfront? You’ve come to the right place. When doing research for this post a lot of seemingly random things came up as cool hobbies for women which I questioned. Is Budgeting really a hobby? “Becoming a Landlord”!? A HOBBY!? Nooooo, I scoffed. I also snorted when reading that “Keeping up with Current Events” was considered a hobby. I nearly shot water out of my nose when I saw “Binge Watching a Show” listed as a hobby. Weren’t these just things that …

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What are the best Zoflora Uses?

What are the best Zoflora Uses?

There are so many Zoflora uses, but when you first pick up a bottle it can sometimes be an underwhelming experience. You’ve heard lots of people going on about where to buy Zoflora and discussing their favourite smells were. So you decide to grab a bottle and after spending far longer than is probably decent in the aisle sniffing all the different lovely Zoflora fragrances, you bring it home…. Now what? It helps if I answer the question “What is Zoflora?”. It is essentially just a lovely smelling concentrated disinfectant. This should give you a rough idea of how to …

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Best Bullet Journal Supplies

Bullet Journal Supplies

Do you need a lot of Bullet Journal supplies to get started? Heck no! So how do you start a bullet journal? You definitely don’t need a lot of bullet journal kit. Truly the only bullet journal essentials are a notebook and pen. Despite what you see on social media, the bare bones of the system is very simple. One quick warning: Bullet journalling for beginners can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Creativity and gorgeous “spreads” are wonderful but that isn’t the point of the system so don’t get bogged down in the need to make your journal gorgeous if …

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Minimalist Travel Backpack Guide

Minimalist Travel Backpack Guide

Recently I purchased a minimalist travel backpack for my regular travel. I was fed up of wheeling around a little case. Especially for short hop trips. So I wanted the freedom of a backpack and a more minimal system for short term travel. So I had been researching the best travel backpack and chose to opt for a minimalist travel bag and ethos.  I decided that it was important for me to cut out the excess and start honing down. I’m not ready for ultra-minimalist travel, but I want to start being more intentional with my packing.  I have always …

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