What are the best Zoflora Uses?


There are so many Zoflora uses, but when you first pick up a bottle it can sometimes be an underwhelming experience. You’ve heard lots of people going on about where to buy Zoflora and discussing their favourite smells were. So you decide to grab a bottle and after spending far longer than is probably decent in the aisle sniffing all the different lovely Zoflora fragrances, you bring it home…. Now what?

It helps if I answer the question “What is Zoflora?”. It is essentially just a lovely smelling concentrated disinfectant. This should give you a rough idea of how to use Zoflora, right? No, me neither. I looked at the bottle and still was asking myself, “Yeah but, what is Zoflora used for?”. Swept up in the hype, I had been unknowingly hinched before I even knew that hinching was a verb! I even bought the personalised Lenor and Zoflora spray bottles. If you don’t already know Mrs Hinch you should check her out. She is a lovely relatable woman from Essex who makes cleaning a bit more fun, plus she’s bloody gorgeous:

No more head-scratching, let get Zoflora working for you! We’ll have your home smelling fresh in no time. I have a feeling that it’ll soon be one of your favourite cleaning products.

Best Zoflora Uses

Below are just a few of my favourite ways to use Zoflora to make the whole house smell amazing.

Zoflora Spray

Zoflora should always be diluted. For a Spray bottle add one and a half capfuls of Zoflora and then top it up with water for a gorgeous antibacterial spray. Use this on kitchen worktops, cupboard doors or give your bathroom surfaces a going over with this handy spray. I even like to give a squirt into my bin when I’m changing the bag every now and then. I also spray some on some kitchen roll and throw that in the bottom of the bin to soak up any gross bin juice.

To be fair it’s more a case of where not to spray Zoflora solution, other than on polished wood like my doors, it goes everywhere. Taps, coffee table, remote control, door handles, even car interiors. I give them all a good wipe with a Zoflora squirted cloth. The Zoflora website is overflowing with ideas for spray bottle Zoflora domination with fresh home fragrances.

Zoflora Floor Cleaner

Lino, Tiles and wooden floors can also all be given the Zoflora treatment with a mop and bucket. I also diluted some in my spray mop to give my kitchen a freshen up in between deep cleans.

Soak that Sponge

Sponges and Clothes get grim fast. My mum used to soak them in bleach which didn’t make them smell great. Soak in diluted Zoflora instead to still banish bacteria with a more pleasant disinfecting experience.

Using the Soaked Cloth

A Zoflora dampened cloth is also great. Go over light switches, light bulbs (off obvs), the bin, your keyboard, even radiators. It gives it a clean whilst making your home smell sigh-worthy.

Toilet Brush Holder

That’ll keep it fresh and clean when not in use!

Where else to get ideas on how to use Zoflora?

For more tips, visit the Zoflora website, which is utterly fantastic! The “Where to Use Zoflora” page is great. Once you choose a room they suggest lots of different ways to use Zoflora in that room.

If you follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram, she also regularly does a Zoflora hour where she goes to the website, picks a few ideas and then does them. I always find these fun to follow along with!

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed with it all, you should check out my post about getting the motivation to clean when you are overwhelmed

Best Zoflora Fragrances

There are so many fragrances that it would be impossible to review them all… Especially as they bring new ones out all the time. Here are some of the most popular ones currently available.

Zoflora Popular Scents:

  • Linen Fresh – Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh clothes? A crisp, refreshing blend that captures the outdoor freshness of light breezes over clean linen, and brings it into your home.
  • Lavender – A very natural lavender with smooth aromatic notes, entwined with a hint of fresh mint and rosemary.
  • Green Valley – For homes with pets! Specially developed to be better tolerated by your pet’s more delicate sense of smell. A fresh and delicate floral fragrance with elements of crisp green leaves and a bouquet of wildflowers including mountain pansy and buttercup.

Zoflora Flower Scents:

  • Secret Garden – Secret Garden is a sparkling fragrance medley, combining a floral heart of rose with fruity notes of orange and lime, finished off with a musky base of amber. They have also teamed up with a Charity on this one so 20p from each bottle goes to charity. Which gives you even more reason to love this smell.
  • Bouquet – A rich floral heart of rose and violet, with hints of green citrus, wrapped in white musk and precious woods.
  • Country Garden – Like taking a charming walk through the countryside, past cottages with wildflowers, catching a hint of rose, blossom and an abundance of fresh country air. My all-time favourite, it’s floral without being too powerful yet it lasts for longer than some of the other scents I’ve tried.

Zoflora Fruit Scents:

  • Lemon Zing: A zesty blend of juicy lemon, spicy ginger and sweet grapefruit, creating a fresh and uplifting fragrance for your home.
  • Very Berry: A sweet and fruity blend bursting with sparkling juniper, blackcurrants and cranberries on a floral heart.
  • Tropical Twist – A fruity and refreshing fragrance bursting with the tropical delights of pineapple and coconut, finished with hints of lime and vanilla.

Zoflora Christmas Scents:

  • Winter Morning – A refreshing blend of apple and cool mint that gives way to a woody vanilla base with a touch of seasonal spice.
  • Winter Spice – A seasonal fragrance combining warming cinnamon and cloves, with orange and vanilla.
  • Sparkling Spruce: A seasonal combination of spruce and eucalyptus with hints of pine and nutmeg, the perfect winter forest fragrance for your home.

Available Sizes:

Most fragrances come in a 120ml bottle. Selected fragrances also are available in 250ml bottle. With the 2 pet friendly options Green Valley and Mountain Air being in the bigger Zoflora 500ml bottle along with the Linen Fresh fragrance.

Zoflora Uses Questions:

Zoflora in Washing Machine?

Can you use Zoflora in the washing machine with clothes? Like, can I use Zoflora to wash my clothes? Erm, no. I know it smells lush but it’s a chemical antibacterial disinfectant, which means it is not kind on your skin and will probably give you rashes. Also, the website advises that you wear gloves when using zoflora, so you probably shouldn’t be walking around with it touching your skin all day. As someone with super sensitive skin, I certainly won’t be trying it.

You can, however, use Zoflora to clean your washing machine and run it through an empty machine if the drum is getting a bit stinky!

Zoflora in your Iron?

Nope! Zoflora isn’t compatible with household appliances. Same goes for your hoover and anywhere else random that people seem to want to put it!? Oo-er!

Zoflora in Steam Mop?

It’s another no on this one. Keep zoflora out of your appliances.

Zoflora on a fabric sofa?

You shouldn’t use it on painted, or dyed surfaces so again I would steer clear. There are plenty of other options for cleaning soft furnishing so you shouldn’t need to have our favourite concentrated friend leave you with a lovely smelling stain.

Can you use Zoflora on Carpets?

It’s a no from me, Simon! I know it smells good and we all like a clean home but this stuff is full of chemicals, so you really don’t want to be rolling around on it all over your carpet. You especially don’t want any children to be coming into contact with it on the carpet all the time. There are of course plenty of alternatives.

Zoflora in a diffuser?

By now I’m hoping you’ve guessed the answer. It smells good but it’s a highly flammable and full of chemical irritants…. So maybe stick to essential oil, eh?

Is Zoflora safe for dogs and cats?

If you dilute them according to official instructions and keep the pets off the floors until they are dry. So don’t let them come into contact or lick wet surfaces then they are fine to use. There are 2 fragrances specifically designed for pets more delicate noses though, these being Green Valley and Mountain Air. Helpfully, the packaging on these boxes shows dogs and cats (as well as rabbits and a ferret I believe) so you can’t miss them.

Where do I buy Zoflora online?

You can pick it up online, however, I would be remiss if I told you that this was the best way to do so. It’s massively inflated in price on amazon due to the convenience of having it come to you. It’s generally only £1 for the small bottle and you can get it in most supermarket and budget shops like B&M, Home Bargains, Savers and Wilkos.
I have yet to find a shop that has all the fragrances stocked and waiting for you though. Prepare yourself for a bit of a treasure hunt, which is I suppose part of the fun. I’m on the lookout for Winter Morning at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled and give me a shout if you see it.

Can I buy Zoflora in the USA?

Zoflora is a UK product so it is not available in the USA. Well, it is but only from amazon at rather inflated prices. I tried to look out for alternatives for our cousins across the pond but alas, it appears you do not have a comparable product. I’m sure someone clever will soon be capitalising on Mrs Hinch’s growing international popularity and bring it over to you guys.

Safety Caveat

Folks, I know if you google there will be a myriad of ways that you can use Zoflora in a house, you can use it with a mouse, you can use it in a box, you can use it with a fox…. But you can’t! You really really can’t!

People love it and have tried to be creative with it and it has lead to many things online that make me facepalm. Remember, it’s got chemicals, so don’t mix it with other chemicals even if it does clean ten times better when mixed with x!? You could be mixing up some sort of poisonous gas or a bomb or accidentally shrink your grandmother (kudos if you get that one) for goodness sake! It is unlikely and I’m being mildly dramatic (who moi? Never!) to make a point but hopefully, I’ve made it. Step away from the bucket and stirrer, Deborah!

Don’t mix it, don’t put it into appliances, wear gloves and if in doubt check the website. If it’s not mentioned as something you can use Zoflora for, then don’t do it!