Books on Perfectionism – My Top 11 Books

Books on Perfectionism cover

In this post, I’m looking at books on perfectionism. I’m giving you the low down on my top 11 books about perfectionism. Hopefully you can use them to help you try to ditch this destructive habit.  Perfectionism can be a real drag. It can cause you to procrastinate. Worse, you may not even try to achieve your dreams as you are afraid of it not going perfectly. So you just don’t bother. You miss a lot of the journey because you are terrified of making the wrong step.  Plus a recent study shows that perfectionism is increasing. In the study …

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116 Things to Track in your Planner

116 Things to Track in Your Planner Title Image

Not sure what things to track in your planner? Or are you searching for more ideas than the usual Habit trackers or sleep trackers? Yes!? Fabulous, then that means you are in the right place. I know what it’s like to be super keen to really utilise your new planner but have no idea where to start. Therefore, I’ve compiled a veritable feast of planner ideas and bullet journal inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.  I have left out the obvious things like appointments and events. I think it’s highly likely that you are already pretty good at tracking …

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Best Bullet Journal Supplies

Bullet Journal Supplies

Do you need a lot of Bullet Journal supplies to get started? Heck no! So how do you start a bullet journal? You definitely don’t need a lot of bullet journal kit. Truly the only bullet journal essentials are a notebook and pen. Despite what you see on social media, the bare bones of the system is very simple. One quick warning: Bullet journalling for beginners can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Creativity and gorgeous “spreads” are wonderful but that isn’t the point of the system so don’t get bogged down in the need to make your journal gorgeous if …

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