Best Watercolour Paints for Beginners

Beginner Watercolour Paints Cover Art

Watercolour is such a fun, expressive medium but it’s tough to know where to get started, especially in regards to which are the best watercolour paints for beginners.  Watercolour paint can be confusing! Choosing a watercolour paint set is difficult when starting out as there as so many options and price points. How do you know where to start?  In this guide, I am going to go over all the best watercolour brands. I will explain the difference between student grade watercolour and professional-grade watercolour and in what circumstances you might want to choose each option.  I’ll also cover the …

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DIY Watercolour Palette

DIY Watercolour Palette Cover Title

Wanting to make a DIY Watercolour palette, but not sure how? You are in the right place. If you are anything like me, then you like to have your watercolour paints with you whenever you might suddenly need to paint a sketch on the go.  I find a lot of the ready-made palettes are either too big or just have a lot of additional fluff that I don’t want or need. Especially as the intention is to use it as a travel watercolour palette. So I made my own mini watercolour palette out of this cute little tin I received some …

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Best Knitting Needles for Beginners

Beginner Knitting Needles Intro Image

A friend contacted me over the weekend asking for help picking the best knitting needles for beginners. My friend explained that drinking Gin wasn’t a hobby. She wanted to give knitting a try and knew it was my forte.  This guide to knitting needles for beginners covers all the things you need to consider before you get going. As well as things you don’t need to worry about. That way you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the options, and get down to it.  Obviously it is about more than just the needles but they are key. The needles you chose …

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Hobbies for Women in their 30’s

Hobbies for Women in their 30's

So you want to find new hobbies for women in their 30’s? Preferably ones without too much initial spending upfront? You’ve come to the right place. When doing research for this post a lot of seemingly random things came up as cool hobbies for women which I questioned. Is Budgeting really a hobby? “Becoming a Landlord”!? A HOBBY!? Nooooo, I scoffed. I also snorted when reading that “Keeping up with Current Events” was considered a hobby. I nearly shot water out of my nose when I saw “Binge Watching a Show” listed as a hobby. Weren’t these just things that …

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